Due to the loss of our annual Lenten Fish Frys due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fairmount has started to hold regular raffles. Raffles are announced on our Facebook Page and through our mailing list. Tickets are sold through our Square Site. Typically, we run our raffles utilizing the Sure Tip raffle system.

Sure Tip Board

A ‘SureTip’ board is a raffle board in which every ticket or “tip” has a chance to win. The construction of the game consists of a semi-ridged cardboard base, (or backing in which all information and tickets are placed) a specific number of tickets which are folded and banded to hide a previously printed number are glued in rows on the base. Printed at the top of the base is the name of the game, (which denotes the number of tickets) the winning number which is covered by a seal, and a serial number which matches the serial number printed on the ticket (or tip).

On the back of the base you will find on most games a numbered line for each number that is revealed on the tickets. Raffle ticket purchaser information from our Square site is transcribed on the line which matches the number on their ticket. Each raffle ticket purchased is pulled in sequential order that they were purchased. When the winning number is revealed, the raffle announcer will match the winning number to the corresponding line number on the back of the card. The winner is announced live and notified by phone.

We typically only perform 200 and 300 ticket raffles. Raffles are closed once all of the tickets have been sold and a Facebook Live event is scheduled typically for the following day at 6 PM. Winner(s) are contacted to arrange pickup of the prize or shipping if offered.

Winner(s) must pickup or arrange shipping of prizes within 30 days of the raffle winner announcement. Prizes not picked up within the 30 days will go back to the fire department for re-raffle. All winners are required to meet age restrictions to win such as 18 or older for normal prizes and 21 and over for prizes that involve alcohol or tobacco products.

Past Winners

Raffle NumberDescriptionWinner(s)
FR2020-01December 2020 Fundraiser - TraegerPro Series 34 Pellet Grill Raffle TicketWilliam Kennedy
FR2020-02December 2020 Fundraiser - Power Max HD 1232 OHXE 32 in. 375 cc Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower Raffle TicketDori Thomas
FR2020-03December 2020 Fundraiser - Yeti Package or $1,000 Cash PrizeMelissa Pinfabio
FR2020-04December 2020 Fundraiser - Apple iPad Pro and AirPods Pro Package OR $1,000 Cash PrizeKristi Ruggeri
FR2021-01January 2021 Fundraiser - Ring Home Security Package OR $1,000 Cash PrizeMike Bajish
FR2021-02January 2021 Fundraiser - Mega Yeti Package RaffleMatthew Woolshlager, Shirly Vogt, Matthew Slate
FR2021-03January 2021 Fundraiser - Dewalt Tool Package and $400 Home Depot CardTy Abell
FR2021-04January 2021 Fundraiser - Weber Genesis II S-345 3 Burner Gas Grill and $200 Wegmans GiftcardLoren Westcott
FR2021-05February 2021 Fundraiser - Super Bowl Entertainment Package and $200 Wegmans GiftcardMichelle Arsenault-Balcum
FR2021-06February 2021 Fundraiser - Ring Home Security Package OR $1,000 Cash PrizeStephanie Keller
FR2021-07February 2021 Fundraiser - iRobot Roomba i3+ (3550) Robot Vacuum and $500 Amazon GiftcardCathy Ziemann
FR2021-08February 2021 Fundraiser - Beverage Fridge and $500 Branching Out Bottle Shop Gift CertificateKimberly Amodio
FR2021-09March 2021 Fundraiser - Blackstone Package and $400 M Ascioti's Meatballs and More Gift CertificateChris Soprano
FR2021-10March 2021 Fundraiser - Dewalt Outdoor Package and $250 Home Depot GiftcardDori Thomas
FR2021-11March 2021 Fundraiser - Traeger Pro 575 Wifi Pellet Grill PackageMike Bajish
FR2021-12March 2021 Fundraiser - Outdoor Movie Night Package and $200 Wildcat Gift CertificateJeff Rudiger
FR2021-13March 2021 Fundraiser - John Deere S100 42" 17.5HP Gas Hydrostatic Lawn TractorTimothy Cool
FR2021-14March 2021 Fundraiser - Pelican Mission 100 Kayak Set and $200 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Certificate Early Bird - Ryan Ammann
Main Prize - Jordan Mallore
FR2021-15March 2021 Fundraiser - PlayStation 5 BundleEarly Bird - Carrie Haney
Main Prize - Ryan Forgham
FR2021-16April 2021 Fundraiser - John Deere S100 42" 17.5HP Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor or $1,200 Cash PrizeEarly Bird - Brian Williams
Main Prize - Kevin Head
FR2021-17April 2021 Fundraiser - Ooni Koda Pizza Oven BundleEarly Bird - Jamie Felicia
Main Prize - Anita Amdon
FR2021-18April 2021 Fundraiser - Microsoft Xbox Series X and $500 Amazon GiftcardEarly Bird - Matthew Youmans
Main Prize - Dino Caloia
FR2021-19Grill Week Raffle #1Early Bird - Ben Wheeler
Main Prize - Brian Hannafan
FR2021-20Grill Week Raffle #2Early Bird - Johelyn Menendez
Main Prize - Eric Jacopelle
FR2021-21Grill Week Raffle #3Early Bird - Harold Mahoney
Main Prize - Roger Spraker
FR2021-22Grill Week Raffle #4